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Experience & Capabilities

Yucatan Solar is a team of seasoned solar professionals with experience that spans across a full range of solar technologies and project sizes.  We offer freelance construction supervision and project management services for project owners, manufacturers or EPCs.  Our business is built on professional relationships and our track record – no marketing, no publicity.

A sample list of Yucatan Solar projects will best illustrate our experience and capabilities:

  • Design, procurement, and installation of residential solar thermal systems in Northern climates (Minnesota).

  • Developed, financed and executed the first PV solar leasing program for residential and commercial customers in the Midwestern States – with systems spanning from 2 to 40 kilowatts, all grid-connected and offsetting maximum load.

  • Construction project management and field supervision of a 10 megawatt-thermal concentrated solar power (CSP) plant near Calama, Chile, providing 100% of the required thermal energy for a copper mining operation.

  • Development of Community Solar Gardens (CSGs) including site selection, permitting, financing, field layouts and subscription of members. 

  • Field supervision of the material procurement and proper installation of a single-axis tracking PV system spanning 16 sites and 150 MW – first large distributed and utility-scale project in Minnesota. 

  • Design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of a solar canopy covering a watercraft cleaning machine to prevent the spreading of invasive aquatic species.  This turn-key solar solution has the potential of expanding to hundreds of locations.

  • Construction supervision of a 38-megawatt utility-scale PV power plant in Native American land (Arizona, USA), where the local regulations required construction personnel to be local and with limited previous solar experience. Read more...

  • Review, development, and codification of municipal-level solar ordinances. In particular, facilitated solar permitting, planning, and policy documents compliant with state statutes, standards, and industry best practices per the community, political, and business needs of municipalities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area of Minnesota.

  • Construction supervision of four Community Solar Gardens in Minnesota on behalf of a Canadian owner/developer with full weekly reporting and proactive detection of issues and potential issues impacting budget or schedule.

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